Congratulations to 6th CD National Delegates!

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Congratulations to all 6th CD national delegates!

Congratulations to the 4 men and 3 women who were elected to represent the 6th Congressional District (CD) at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July, especially those from Kitsap County!

Bernie Sanders Delegates:

Arne Nelson – 23rd LD
Jeffrey Engels – 24th LD
Jessica Hernandez – 24th LD
Susan Wilmot – 23rd LD
Victor Rhett – 26th LD

Hillary Clinton Delegates:

Julie Johnson – 24th LD
Matthew Wohlford – 23rd LD

If you were not elected at the CD Caucus and are still interested in running for national delegate, the remaining pledged delegates (25 for Sanders and 9 for Clinton) will be elected at the State Convention on June 19. Anyone who would like to run must submit a the statement of candidacy form by June 10 at 5:00 pm.

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Congratulations Kitsap County delegates and alternates!

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Congratulations to all delegates and alternates!

Congratulations to the 55 delegates and 27 alternates from Kitsap County who were elected to go on to the 6th Congressional District (CD) caucus on May 21 and state convention June 17-19.

The following individuals were elected to represent Kitsap County:

LD Preference Position First Last
23 Bernie Sanders Delegate Larry Bennett
23 Bernie Sanders Delegate Aprilanne Leigh
23 Bernie Sanders Delegate Stephen Collins
23 Bernie Sanders Delegate Alysia Davis
23 Bernie Sanders Delegate Kenneth Henrikson
23 Bernie Sanders Delegate Glenn Gang
23 Bernie Sanders Delegate Marc Lavry
23 Bernie Sanders Delegate Quinlan Balas
23 Bernie Sanders Delegate Clarence Moriwaki
23 Bernie Sanders Delegate Arne Nelson
23 Bernie Sanders Delegate Joseph Greer
23 Bernie Sanders Delegate Allison Colby
23 Bernie Sanders Delegate Stephanie Ross
23 Bernie Sanders Delegate Jeffrey Allen
23 Bernie Sanders Delegate Anna Oeste
23 Bernie Sanders Delegate Lewis Mandell
23 Bernie Sanders Delegate Saajeda Mikaela Stratman
23 Bernie Sanders Delegate Marta Holt
23 Bernie Sanders Delegate Marsha Cutting
23 Bernie Sanders Delegate Mary Beth Balas
23 Bernie Sanders Delegate Susan Wilmot
23 Bernie Sanders Delegate Evan Saint Clair
23 Bernie Sanders Delegate Jennifer Chamberlin
23 Bernie Sanders Alternate 1 Matt Makowicz
23 Bernie Sanders Alternate 2 Sally Noedel
23 Bernie Sanders Alternate 3 Edward Sullivan
23 Bernie Sanders Alternate 4 Jessica Beisel
23 Bernie Sanders Alternate 5 Paul Bang-Knudsen
23 Bernie Sanders Alternate 6 Sharley Scmitt
23 Bernie Sanders Alternate 7 Charles Kratzer
23 Bernie Sanders Alternate 8 Kimberly Cisneros
23 Bernie Sanders Alternate 9 Houston Wade
23 Bernie Sanders Alternate 10 Eugenie Osmun
23 Bernie Sanders Alternate 11 James McCanna
23 Bernie Sanders Alternate 12 Debra Ann Lester
23 Hillary Clinton Delegate Joan Ferebee
23 Hillary Clinton Delegate Melody Curtiss-Cathey
23 Hillary Clinton Delegate Lauren Oldfield
23 Hillary Clinton Delegate Cynthia Foley
23 Hillary Clinton Delegate Rusty Grable
23 Hillary Clinton Delegate Ranjit Mulgaonkar
23 Hillary Clinton Delegate Joseph Holmes
23 Hillary Clinton Delegate Matthew Wehlford
23 Hillary Clinton Delegate Mary Bryant
23 Hillary Clinton Alternate 1 Kathryn Karcher
23 Hillary Clinton Alternate 2 Heather Purser
23 Hillary Clinton Alternate 3 Eric Frederick
23 Hillary Clinton Alternate 4 Adam Brockus
26 Bernie Sanders Delegate Kaitlyn Gervais
26 Bernie Sanders Delegate Ross Partin
26 Bernie Sanders Delegate Connie Nelson
26 Bernie Sanders Delegate Lauren Boyan
26 Bernie Sanders Delegate Celeste Duncan
26 Bernie Sanders Delegate Jerry Abbott
26 Bernie Sanders Delegate Timothy Galligar
26 Bernie Sanders Delegate Neal Foley
26 Bernie Sanders Delegate Harolyn Engelskirchen
26 Bernie Sanders Delegate Minh Tran
26 Bernie Sanders Delegate Payton Swinford
26 Bernie Sanders Delegate River Curtis-Stanley
26 Bernie Sanders Alternate 1 Ray Henderson
26 Bernie Sanders Alternate 2 Ruth Pitts
26 Bernie Sanders Alternate 3 Joshua Votaw
26 Bernie Sanders Alternate 4 Holly Oehler
26 Bernie Sanders Alternate 5 Curtis Keat
26 Bernie Sanders Alternate 6 Nadia Thompson
26 Hillary Clinton Delegate Claudia Housley
26 Hillary Clinton Delegate Kevin Proulx
26 Hillary Clinton Delegate Rita Hoskins
26 Hillary Clinton Alternate 1 Robin Smithberg
35 Bernie Sanders Delegate Roger Bumpas
35 Bernie Sanders Delegate Robert Grady
35 Bernie Sanders Delegate Donald Genoversa
35 Bernie Sanders Delegate Cassandra Wade
35 Bernie Sanders Delegate Gina Voladora-Smith
35 Bernie Sanders Delegate Mikayla McMahon
35 Bernie Sanders Alternate 1 Joshua Shultz
35 Bernie Sanders Alternate 2 Patricia Sgambellone
35 Bernie Sanders Alternate 3 Karsten Boysen
35 Hillary Clinton Delegate Jessica McBrayer
35 Hillary Clinton Delegate Corinne Thompson
35 Hillary Clinton Alternate 1 Cam Bonner

If you didn’t receive the information on the 6th CD Caucus and state convention, click here to download the two-page document.

If your name is listed incorrectly here, email

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Official Call to the Kitsap County Convention

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For the 2016 Kitsap County Convention

and Legislative District Caucuses

To Whom It May Concern:

By authority of Kitsap County Democrats, the Kitsap County Convention and Legislative District (LD) Caucuses of the Democratic Party are hereby scheduled to convene on Sunday, May 1, 1:00 p.m. at Olympic High School to select delegates and alternates to the 6th Congressional District Caucus and State Convention, to adopt and promulgate a platform, to consider resolutions, and to take such other actions with respect to matters the Convention may deem advisable.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

1:00 p.m.

Olympic High School

7070 Stampede Blvd NW, Bremerton 98311

All registered voters who will be 18 years of age by November 8, 2016, reside in Kitsap County, and affirm themselves to be Democrats are eligible to participate. All members of the public are eligible to attend.

Please note: our LDs caucus at our county convention. We do not hold LD caucuses on April 17.

Click here to review the proposed agenda.

Click here to review the operating rules.

Click here to review the draft platform.

Click here to review the proposed resolutions.

Click here to review the Washington State Democrats’ 2016 Delegate Selection and Affirmative Action Plan (DSAAP).

Click here for FAQs about the convention/caucuses.

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