Thoughts from Derek Kilmer on the Comey Firing and the Republican wealthcare bill.

Hello Democrats!

In the past couple of weeks, two stories in particular stand out demonstrating the degree to which this president is failing the American people. The first was an attack on the very principles of our democracy. The second was an attack on the idea that our economy ought to work for everyone.

First, we saw the abrupt firing of FBI Director James Comey. Let’s take a second to cover all the ways this is messed up.   So the person leading the investigation of Russian involvement in the last election was fired by the person who he was investigating who undeniably benefited from that Russian involvement. On top of that, the decision was purportedly based on the recommendation of an Attorney General who had recused himself for lying to Congress about his own interactions with Russian interests. Yeesh. This further proves that the only way we can get to the bottom of what actually happened and make sure our democracy is prepared for future attacks is by selecting a special prosecutor and continuing an independent, impartial investigation. This President can’t be trusted to oversee this.

Secondly, I was deeply disappointed to watch House Republicans vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act. I was sick to my stomach as I watched House Republicans high five and wheel kegs of beer into the capitol as they celebrated the passage of Trumpcare.

Let’s be clear.  Their bill will increase costs and reduce access to coverage for millions of Americans.

The bill that passed was, in fact, worse than what had originally been proposed. It removed protections for those with pre-existing conditions, meaning that people may be priced out of coverage or flat-out denied coverage for things like life-saving cancer treatments.

While President Trump celebrated with Speaker Ryan and Republicans in DC, I couldn’t help but think about the people I’ve met over the past year who will be harmed by this awful bill.  Parents.  Seniors.  Kids.  People who I represent and Americans all around this country who, plain and simple, deserve better than this.

Our motto on Team Kilmer is “don’t get frustrated, get motivated.” I’ll be honest, I gave myself a few hours (ok — it was two days) to be angry.  But there’s nothing to be gained by wringing our hands or shaking our fists at the sky.

These issues make clear, that — now, more than ever — we need to speak out, organize, and hold some folks accountable in 2018.  Thanks for all you do to strengthen our party.  I’m honored to represent you.

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