Officers and E-Board

2017-2018 Officers

Chair – Jeff Wiley
Vice Chair – Leslie Daugs
Treasurer – Leslie Rothbaum
State Committeeman – Payton Swinford
State Committewoman – Mary Bryant
Secretary (appointed) – Don Bartley
Parliamentarian (appointed)  – Jim Sommerhauser


Board Members

District 1:

Natalie Bryson, Jo Fox Burr, Doug MacKenzie, Craig Markham


District 2:

Kaitlyn Gervais, Tony Otto, Lisa Paquette, Dave Peterson


District 3:

Lillian Crawford, Ginny Duff, Ron Gillespie, Bob Grady



Val Torrens (23rd LD Chair), Jackie Williams (KCDW President),  Ginger Sommerhauser (23rd LD State Committeewoman), Arne Nelson (23rd LD State Committeeman and YDKC Chair), Michael Arnold (35th LD Democrats Chair), Katherine Woods (Immediate KCDCC Past Chair)